Healing Sick Buildings

When I heal a building i do not have to enter it. Everything can be done in the comfort of my own home. All I ask is that you send me an A3 Drawing of the downstairs plan, Garden, hallway, livingroom, kitchen ect. (even if you live in a tower block, its still effective because energies rise). Then with a Pendulum I dowse the drawing to ascertain where the energies are strong or weak. I then get together with other building healers and through guided meditation it is healed. Simple as that. Please use my contact form should you require this service.

How do I know if my Building/House needs Healing?

We all know the feeling of being comfortable in our own home or workplace. You may feel that you're not in control of your actions or that someone else is controlling you. Prehaps you have the symptoms of a health problem. You could be getting angry at the slightest thing or constantly having rows with your partner or work colleague. You feel exhausted or irritable for no reason. You suffer from headaches or panic attacks, have difficulty having a good nights sleep. You may of even felt a presence in the property.


 Can I learn to Heal a Sick Building?

I run courses throughout the year on how to Heal a Sick Building, please use the contact button to ask further questions. (Please note there are certain requirements needed before you can attend the course, you must be attuned or trained to a healing energy)