Healing Sick Buildings

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Paul has worked in this field for Many years and as well as being a Reiki Master, Paul enjoys all types of Healing, Colour, Crystal, Rahanni and Chakra Balancing.

As well as a Host for Psychic Today Paul also teaches Healing and Reading Courses around the Country This month Paul looks at Stephanie’s flat. If you would like Paul to heal your Sick Building then please send an Ground Plan to [email protected]

Stephanie from London asked me to heal the Negative energy in her flat; she had told me of the constant sleepless nights for her and Son Fred due to the heavy energy that was in the room. From the drawing she sent in I could feel that there was a Negative energy in the Living room as well as the bedrooms. 

When I heal a Building I do not necessary have to enter it, all this can be done in the comfort of my own home. All I ask is the client to send me an A3 drawing of the downstairs plan of the building, even if you live in a tower block its still effective as energies rise. Then with a pendulum I dowse the drawing to ascertain where the energies are strong or weak these are marked on the drawing. Then through guided meditation with other Healers the building is healed.  

 Afterwards I advised Stephanie that we had healed her property and for her to give it three to five days before she should feel any benefit.

 A few days later I received the following email from Stephanie,  


I just wanted to say a big thanks for healing my house. I felt my front room and bedroom held negative energy after many upsetting times taking place in those areas. About four days after I sent in the layout of my house I felt the energy lift and my front room and bedrooms felt a lot lighter. I am also sleeping better and feeling more positive in myself. It’s an amazing change and much appreciated! Thank you” Steph  



 Steph is now happy in her energised Living Room 

 How Do I know if my Property needs Healing?  

 We all know the feeling of being comfortable in your own home or workplace. You may feel that you are not in control of your actions or that someone else is controlling you. You have the symptoms of a health problem without actually having the health problem. You could be getting angry at the slightest thing or constantly having rows with your partner or work colleague. You feel exhausted or irritable for no reason. You suffer from Headaches or Panic attacks, have difficulty having a good nights sleep. You may even feel a presence in the property. 

Why do Spirits choose to stay with us? 

When someone hasn’t gone into the light at death, they can feel lost or lonely. If a person dies unexpectedly. Doesn’t believe in the after life, feels guilty therefore does not expect to go to the spirit world, feels a desire to stay near loved ones, unfinished business some may call it. Then that person’s spirit may become stuck on the earth plane. If a person who has passed is attached to the property, it’s difficult for that spirit to let go. The Spirit is then stuck to the property until it can be released into the light. 


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