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  1. Many people ask me if they can receive Reiki whilst pregnant and can they give Reiki whilst pregnant. Whilst the effects vary from recipient to recipient, most pregnant women who receive Reiki claim they feel more relaxed and balanced during and after treatments. Abi Schubert (pictured) said that she became anxious during pregnancy and because she is a Reiki Practitioner, asked the question can I self heal during pregnancy. My advice to Abi was that this fantastic healing method has been known to help people let go of any fears, anxieties or negative feelings you may be experiencing during your pregnancy. Remember Reiki can do no harm. In fact some expectant Mothers claim that Reiki energy can help during both the term and birth. Reiki is pure love, so whilst doing self healing the energy goes where it is needed.
    In a study by Connecticut's Hartford Hospital in the USA, pregnant women who use Reiki on a regular basis experience a 94 percent reduction in stress and anxiety, a 78 percent reduction in pain and an 80 percent reduction in morning sickness. Remember that Reiki fills the body with light so only good can come from it.
    In fact, it will help create a loving and balanced space for the child to grow.
    Many Mothers feel stressed and anxious during pregnancy and this can be passed on to the baby. Reiki healing really is the gift that keeps giving.
     Abi performing Reiki self healing ©Tom Schubert
    People have asked that because they are a Reiki Master does that mean the baby will be born a Reiki Master. Great question! But no, your baby is a separate soul. Once brought into the world, when they are at an age where they understand and can make a choice, then they can be attuned. I personally will only attune adults, although I know of children that are Reiki Practitioners.
    What you have to remember is Reiki will give you the following:
     – deep relaxation, reduced stress and improved sleep
     – reduces morning sickness
     – gives a sense of harmony, comfort and acceptance for your body. Remember for nine months, it's changing all the time. Reiki is pure
       love so it is absolutely fine to self heal
     – helps lower back pain and improves circulation
     – it's very calming, It has a great soothing effect on the Mother and the baby before, during and after birth
     – helps control labour pain, making delivery easier for some
     – speeds up recovery and healing after birth – which is needed when your body has been on a physical and emotional journey
     – creates a deep sense of connection for both the Mother and the child
     – gives more strength to the Mother in dealing with this life change
      – can improve the baby’s sleep as well as supports the baby’s growth and development
    Enjoy your pregnancy and remember "Just for today"
    ABI REIKI©Tom Schubert