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About me....

I Started my Healing Journey in 2004 by attending a two year Spiritual Healing Course.

In 2007 I  Began my Reiki Journey and in 2009 became a Reiki Master.  To date I have attuned over 400 Reiki Practitioners and have been Teaching Reiki for over 10 years, my knowledge of energy and healing is more than extensive. I love all types of healing including, Rahanni healing, colour therapy and crystals, and I have even written about Healing and crystal therapy for magazines. I currently Host a show on Sky Channel 680 called Psychic Today as well as produce a weekly podcast for psychictoday 

I'm offering my clients a free Chakra Balance service and free Healing, which you can request via my Contact Page.

Alongside my Healing background, I maintain a gentle, soft approach, and as a Bereavement Support Worker and I am well-practised in dealing with emotional situations.

I am empathetic, sympathetic and caring at all times, and have a well-trained ear for listening should you need to share.

For enquiries please contact me via my contact page.



My readings are for entertainment purposes only 
My Healing is in no way a substitute for medical care and supervision. Where symptoms persist, or where there is any cause for concern, I strongly advise clients to seek medical advice where they have not already done so. I can not diagnose medically or give advice or opinions on medical treatment. Also, no guarantee can or will be made about the outcome of healing.